In 2008, DtE in California launched a men's basics collection that has rapidly gained loyal fans seeking a seamless blend of luxe and casual California lifestyle. We have established a superior standard of quality in basic knits with distinct fit, fabric, and finish. Our collection is expanding on its existing assortment of high quality basics while our fleece silhouettes are designed to compliment the brand's existing understated luxury core. The importance of quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail is paramount to the brand's DNA. We believe these defining principles elevate our made in the USA brand into clothing that is timeless, exuding of quality, and Down to Earth.



2008年。DtE in California(ディーティーイー・イン・カリフォルニア)は、ロサンゼルスでメンズのベーシックコレクションを発表しました。以来、優雅でカジュアルなカリフォルニアのライフスタイルを愛する多くのファンから支持されてきました。